The Imagination Awards
Charlie's Challenge

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory celebrates creativity and imagination. Throughout the story,
Charlie Bucket has lots of fun, inventive and inspiring ideas to help his family.

To celebrate, we launched Charlie's Challenge, our first nationwide competition for 5-15 year olds. In our first year we asked for creative inventions and ideas which would benefit a family member. The competition has now closed but we will post shortlisted entries and the age category winners here soon!

Although the competition has now closed, please feel free to explore these pages and download our free resources to ignite your creativity and invent something truly wonderful, just like Charlie!


"Imagination and creativity should be at the heart of education"
Prof. Sir Ken Robinson - Patron
"I can't wait to see what inventions are out there waiting to be dreamed up"
Mark Champkins, Inventor in Residence, Science Museum