The Imagination Awards
Charlie's Challenge


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Chalrie and Joe Sketch

What is it?

Charlie's Challenge is a national award for 5-15 year olds, challenging students to share imaginative solutions to problems facing them, their school or the wider world.

This year's challenge was to invent something that will help your family. It could have be an invention or idea that would help one family member, or all of them at once.

All sorts of inventions have been made by young people, including ice lollies, earmuffs and the trampoline - so don’t think it’s just adults who can think up new ideas.

Charlie dreams up all sorts of wacky inventions and ideas for his family; marshmallow pillows, ice-cream that never melts and a joke book made from jelly beans, always creating the unexpected.

How does it work?

Charlie's Challenge will be judged in three age categories, 5-7, 8-11, and 12-15.

Our judges will select 10 entries in each category as finalists and display those shortlisted ideas on this website. From the 10 shortlisted entries, we will choose one overall winner from each age group.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - The Gloop Family Sketch